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Show-hide or Read more-less article using javascript  

 Here I have given the sample code .   CSS .button-read-more {     display: none; } .button-read-less {     display: none; } .button-read-less {     display: block; } .more {     margin-top: 10px; } .more p {     margin: 0;     padding: 0; }   Scripts   jQuery(function ($) {     $(".more").hi  
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How to drop or delete mysql stored procedure  

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cakephp call function within controller  

For example you have the following function that you want to use inside another function public function token(){ echo $this->Auth->user('id'); } Here is another function where you are going to use the given token function public function counter(){ $this->token(); }  
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PHP time problem on URL  

Sometimes we see that we cant send time through the url. So on that cases you need to send time as time stamp. Here is an example on how you need to send. $urlstr = strtotime('09:30:00'); Send the $urlstr on the url Now receive and convert the $urlstr $slot = date('h:i:s', $urlstr);  
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