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css positioning static absolute relative  

The CSS positioning is a CSS properties thats allow us to position an element such as a table or a image or a div. Using this properties we can also fix position of a content when it is too big. There are four position available such as top, bottom, left, and right that elements can be posiioned. To positioned our element in this four position we can use
four different positioning methods. They are :

1.Static Po  
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website background image fixed witdth height  

Follow the tricks to fixed your background image fixed and keep the width and height on all over the screen. #containers {
    background:url(../img/website-background.jpg) top center fixed;
    background-size:100% 100%;
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TypeError d onCleanup is not a function  

My fancybox is not loading and geting the error on my console. "TypeError: d.onCleanup is not a function". How can i solve it? They only reason it could happend. Go to your page source and check the css for fancybox its not call perfectly. Test it by clicking on the url of css is it working? Make sure the css is called in a right way and hope it will work now.  
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