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How to set website page background fixed  

To make the page background fixed  just  write the following line     
background:url(images/my_bg.jpg) repeat top center fixed ;  
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Difference between HTML4 and HTML5  

Difference between HTML4 and HTML5.   HTML HTML5 ""> DOCTYPE is much longer in HTML4 is based on SGML-based.  
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how to create a seo friendly website  

There are a lots of things that you need to maintain to make a website seo friendly and take your site at the top of google or other search engine. Make sure your url is seo friendly like you are seeing in this site. Try to keep only character instead of numeric number. All links should to be SEO friendly. All links should have alt and title All image should have alt and title Image and all others name should to be seo  
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How to create image map in HTML  

Image maps is a type of HTML code  where we can make images with clickable areas that usually link to another page.

To create an image map you have to follow the following steps::

    1. Create an image (save as a gif or jpeg form into your website's image folder).

    2. Use the HTML <map> tag to create a map with a name. Ex: map    name="plan  
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