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To day I want to share with you about Joomla date picker. To set up joomla date picker on to your site first open your component html file and write here the following code at the top of page JHTML::_(‘behavior.calendar’);

After that for date field in your website form write the follwoing Html code and Javascript

<input type=”text” name=”startdate”
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How to get the joomla base url  

You can get joomla url by using the following variable. 1.$mosConfig_live_site it will return  “”. You can also use it in joomla 1.5 ++ 2.  echo 'Joomla base URI is ' . JURI::base() . "\n";
echo 'Joomla base URI (path only) is ' . JURI::base( true ) . "\n"; Joomla base URI is ht  
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How to Paypal configuration in virtuemart in joomla  

    Follow the given steps to configure the paypal in your joomla virtue mart site.

Step1. First installed a virtual mart component related to your joomla version and go to the component section.

Step2. Then Select and open the virtual mart component.

Step3. Go to the store option

Step4. Here Click the ‘List of Payment Method’ option

Step5. Then P  
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