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Google Adwords Certified Partner  

Google Adwords Certified Partner    
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Does ajax work for seo  

Ajax is really good think for user interaction. It take the attention of a user. But if you think about your page to be index for SEO then you will have to think about you. Google may not crawl your page Google may not index your page Make sure your URL for each "page" are crawled and indexed On click make sure your pages title are updated Make site for all the pages including ajax pages You can use ajax  
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how to improve website traffic generation  

increase your hits on Google? Get your website on Google? Become number one at Google? How do I rank my website on Google? Get top rankings in Google? How does a website get on first page and first line of Google   If you have this kind of question in your mind then there is no alternative of writing good content.   Write as much content as possible but make sure to keep keyword in a way that a human  
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How to earn more money from google adsense  

  To earn money from google adsense you to maintain some major parts More Traffice More Content Write keyword based article Write more searchable content Submit your site on differnent search engine like google, yahoo etc Please your google ads in your website in a way so that people think that the google ad is similiar look and feel to your website. Never click on your own adsense Dont let a user  
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