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how to earn from freelance job or online job


If you are tried with your full time job or you dont have any job right now then you can be a freelance worker.

What do you need to be freelancer?

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Good knowledge on a specific area any one of the following
    • blogging
    • Software development
    • Graphics design
    • Article writing
    • Translator
    • Document writer
    • etc

If you dont have any expertise please take a training from a institute before choosing a area make sure that you will be able to learn that one, i mean are you capable to learn that area?

To start online job you have to follow some instruction. At first create profile an account on different freelance job publisher like ODESK, Elance, Freelance etc.

Make sure you provide all the sufficient information because this profile will make the client impress to get the job.

Try to focus on single area instead of many areas. Before creating a profile please search others contractor who are getting a lot of job and whose feedback are good on the freelance site. Try to follow them but dont copy others profile.

Dont misbehave with any client to do success in freelance world. To make bad relation with client is bad for you and your country. They will get a bad idea about you and your country. So in future they will choose another one.