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web server run automatically when computer boot

 I have a network on my office and there is a server computer where we have all the projects. Normally we used to SVN but one attendance application run on that server that need to access by everyone but server is restricted to everyone. But everyone can switch on the computer only.


The project runs on WAMP server. So what I have changed to run the WAMP server at the time of boot. 
Here are the instructions to start WAMP services on start-up. 
  • Logged in as administrator.
  • Go to the start menu then write on field “services.msc” and press enter. Now you will see the following screen.



  • On the given image you see I made two line under a red box. Where “start up type” need to change “automatic”. 
  • Click on both line one by one and change the status to automatic. 
  • For make sure here are the service name “wampapache” and “wampmysqld”.
  • Also do the following changes so that you can see the WAMP on task menu. But this is not mandatory for it.