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how to create a seo friendly website

There are a lots of things that you need to maintain to make a website seo friendly and take your site at the top of google or other search engine.

  • Make sure your url is seo friendly like you are seeing in this site. Try to keep only character instead of numeric number.
  • All links should to be SEO friendly.
  • All links should have alt and title
  • All image should have alt and title
  • Image and all others name should to be seo friendly
  • Make sure every page has unique kewords and description relevent to your page content.
  • All of the above you must have a number of good content with keeping good keyword
  • Test your site load time and try to keep it am minimum as possible.
  • Make link inside your page in differnet places with keeping relevency


  • Submit your site to popular search engine
  • Submit your site to different blog
  • Try to use alexa toolbar and widget. Alexa toolbar will help you get improve your alexa ranking
  • Use google analytics to see site stats. 
  • Make sitemap and submit it to google
  • Make sure you have robots.txt on your site root