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How to do outsource


Now a days i have been asked a lot of question regarding out source. Specially how we can get a out source job?

At first i want to let you know nothing is miracle. You have to be passionate because now thousands of people are bidding around the whole world.

To me i think we should think about the following things:

  • Find out your best skill that you want to outsource
  • Make your profile focused on your best skill in different platform, like odesk, elance, freelancer.
  • Profile
    • Focused on one area.
    • Write a good brief about your service that you are going to provide. Provide some keywords and your achievement.
    • Give some exam
    • Add some of your best portfolio.
    • You can add your profile with some Agency that have good feedback.
  • Bidding
    • Initially you need to do a lot of bid.
    • Now start bidding(rate should to be comparative, consider your profile, skill, current trend on your skill).
    • Always look at the immediate posted job and apply as soon as possible before more people apply.
    • Your cover letter should be relevant. May be you can ask some question about the posted job. May be you can say something how you can do. may be some suggestion.
    • If you are new then try to put low rate.
    • Try to give logical time frame that need to complete the job.
  • Check your inbox regularly. Try to answer when a message is in your inbox.
  • Commitment should to be logical. Don't be over committed.
  • Job/Feedback
    • Try to complete the job by given timeline
    • Make sure you communicate with client properly and regularly
    • Never misbehave. Because client me give you bad feedback that will harm your next job.
    • Take decision you are going good to hourly or fixed budget job. If you cant handle then fixed budget job may be bad for you.
Don't stop keep going on. Let me tell you one story. I have seen a brother at the beginning he was very upset but we request not to be upset and keep going on. Now he earns a lot of dollar every month. 
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