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how to improve website traffic generation

  • increase your hits on Google?
  • Get your website on Google?
  • Become number one at Google?
  • How do I rank my website on Google?
  • Get top rankings in Google?
  • How does a website get on first page and first line of Google


If you have this kind of question in your mind then there is no alternative of writing good content.


Write as much content as possible but make sure to keep keyword in a way that a human may search on google like i did on above. Try to use google Adword for keyword analysis.


When you content is ready try to submit this link to different good blog.


Dont try to make any blackhat SEO that the normal SEO worker do. When the SEO worker stop black hat SEO your site will start to goes down.


Try to make organic SEO.


Try to avoid hit generating software.


Make a xml sitemap and submit it to google through google webmaster tools


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