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How to make RSS on cakephp

To make RSS feed on cakphp you will be need to follow the steps

1. at first include this two line in controller

    var $helpers = array('Rss');
    var $components = array('RequestHandler');

    2. then make in function in controller
    function rss()
        $news = $this->News->findAll('News.is_active = 1', null, 'News.created DESC', 20);
        $channelData = array(
                'title' =>"RSS News Feed",
                'link' => "http://ugiws:8080/TranslationSite/news/rss.xml",
                'url' => "http://ugiws:8080/TranslationSite/news/rss.xml",
                'description' => "Translation site RSS News Feed" );
       $this->set(compact('channelData', 'articles'));
    3. layout
    in views/rss/default.ctp  /*here rss is the function name and folder name*/
     echo $rss->header();
     $channel = $rss->channel(array(), $channelData, $items);
     echo $rss->document(array(), $channel);

    views\news\rss\rss.ctp  /*news controller name/ rss folder name/ rss.ctp funtion views*/
    function transformRSS($articles)
        return array(
            'title' => $articles['News']['news_titles'],
            'link' => array('controller'=>'news','action' => 'view/'.$articles['News']['id']),
            'guid' => array('controller'=>'news','action' => 'view/'.$articles['News']['id']),
            'description' => strip_tags($articles['News']['news_details']),
            'author' => "Death Penalty Action Network",
            'pubDate' => $articles['News']['created']
    $this->set('items', $rss->items($articles, 'transformRSS'));