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How to Paypal configuration in virtuemart in joomla



Follow the given steps to configure the paypal in your joomla virtue mart site.

Step1. First installed a virtual mart component related to your joomla version and go to the component section.

Step2. Then Select and open the virtual mart component.

Step3. Go to the store option

Step4. Here Click the ‘List of Payment Method’ option

Step5. Then Paypal PRO

Step6. After that Configuration

Here modify the from as your want.

For original account Sandbox mode off , and change the below fields as the original account that you have


API account name: This is your API username. (Differ between Sandbox and Live)

API Signature: A.Tqa6M9fd1yVkRrtmMfCFL0SJkhYztxUiAyodL0SJkhYztMfCF.4NI    This is the API signature generated for you. (Differ between Sandbox and Live)

API password: TSHWN5HZM9VG23Q7Q    This is your API password. (Differ between Sandbox and Live)

Important info: Must make the page writeable – httpdocs/administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/payment/ps_paypal_wpp.cfg.php


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