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No one can help you

Once there was a king who fights for money, property and power. As a result he earned a lot of money by attacking different state and people.

One day the king becomes very sick. He called all best doctors for his treatments but everyone fails. He is going to die.

He wishes to his family in front of doctors before death as his last wishes. When I will die make sure

1. The doctors are caring his coffin.

2. Spread out his all property on the road when he will take to the grave.

3. Make sure that his two hands are out of coffin.


A minister asked to the king why do you wish those kind of things?

The king answers:

1. So people can see that I had a lot of doctors who can’t do anything to alive me.

2. People can see that I had a lot of money nothing is going to me.

3. People can understand that I came alone and I am leaving alone with empty hand.