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re-capcha plugin is not working on WP Buddypress

Facing problem using re-capcha plugin in WP Buddypress Theme


After installing the “buddypress-recaptcha” plugin in my buddypress blog I faced some problem such as I can’t create the re-capcha in my user registration form. To recover this problem I have to do the following steps.


First checking that if the 'register.php' contain the code 

<?php do_action( 'bp_before_registration_submit_buttons' ) ?>

(If not then add the code)


Then edit the 'bp-recaptcha.php’ file located in my “buddypress-recaptcha” plugin and add my reCAPTCHA Api keys (both private and public). Remember you must have the API keys for the current domain for this plugin to work properly.


To get your API keys go to -

and here is the url for getting the free buddypress recapcha plugin: