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Think about ethics and morality

I don't want to hit anyone this is just my observation also i am not a writer.

The world is moving in the right way? I am confused. All over the world crime is committed by human being. Everyday thousands of people are dying for killing by human directly and indirectly.
How much do we think before doing anything? is that good or bad for world? Sometimes i think we don't have that knowledge to think on that level because may be nobody teach us on that level. There may be inadequate scope of learning moral and ethics or may be this kind of topics is not given enough priority and goes under Maths or Computer.
To the government: This is my request to the government to include ethics and morality subject in school, college and university as like other subjects(Maths, Physics, Computer etc.). Just look at some country who are morally educated and how the people of the country are passing their life. This is our world so we should shape it.
To the politician: I am sure you established yourself as a politician as because you have good financial background and good public image. We don't think the financial backup you have is more than enough for you. Please just think about the other people who are not getting food who are not getting their prime needs. Just look at the people whom the world never forgot(example: Omr Faruque, Yaseer Arafat, mahathir mohamad etc). The always been selected by the people who were for the people. Just forgot about past and start from now.
You are the leader so you can change anything if you are positive. If you think that without taking help from terrorist you cant be elected then i think this is your misunderstanding. People are ready to work for them who are work for mankind.

To the business Man: You are creating job for people this is the most amazing thing, you make the world wheel running but we sometime forgot and stay away from ethics but why? To lead a life i dont know how much money we need but just think about a people who is getting paid from you and you know how much he is getting paid and he is leading a life. We came to create job for human but forgot and we are oiling to politicians for getting job and start illegal work but for what?
If you try you can change the world. Please change your mind and dont treat human as ant.
To the doctors: When people come to doctors? at the moment when they are hopeless. But when we visit to a doctor how much time a doctor spent for the patients? Sometime they behaved like that they are just counting seconds for earning money.
The medical representative are giving gift to the doctors and the doctors are prescribing for that company medicine. This is happening for many cases. So how can we get good treatment from them. You are well educated so please don't do that. This is happening for test or investigation also.

To the General People: Sometimes i listen from public what is my responsibility and i am not doing any kind illegal work. May you are not doing any illegal work from your perspective but let me give you some question:
Are you obeying the rules like
  • Maintain driving rules?
  • Paying all kinds of utility bill?
  • Are not you searching on google like "human scandal", "How to hack". Or committing any cyber world crime?
  • Speaking truth on every spare of life?
  • Judging on right way when every your relatives committed illegal work?
  • Are you taking care of your neighbor? 
  • Are you voting a good people?
  • Are we taking of the people who works in my company?
  • Am i oiling to a bad human being for getting some favor?
  • etc
Just ask your mind this kind of question then you will be understand where we are! Sometimes we think these are not crime. But Yes these are.
To the Parents: Don't teach your children only Maths, Chemistry, or Computer. Don't you feel that how much struggle your children is going to face? Do you think that money can solve this kind of problem? Never. For example your children is doing good from their childhood when they grows up do you sure can control them? At the age of 15 you cant do anything when they don't listen to you. So make sure about moral education so that they are always good to his or her life.

How do we sure that my children earn a lot of money in his life? This is lack. Treat them, feel them in a way so they preserve humanity, love for people. Without being love, feel we can committed any kind of crime.
Make sure your children can differentiate and strict to true and false.

Sometime i become upset when i see PhD holder people doing crime or illegal work. At that moment i compelled to think that they just memorize the book and passed the exam otherwise how they did this kind of illegal work.
Without you change won't happened! Share it to everyone. Let us discuss how we can implement on our life.
Our earning and unhappiness increase proportionally. So don't focus on money only.
Remember i am not a writer and don't want to hit anyone but to me i think we should change our mentality and strict to true and false.
Please dont only read this article, try to implement in your life and try to influence everyone and i am sure everything will be changed.
If this article hit anyone i am so sorry for that. Think it positively and i just want to focus on ethics and morality.