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Why moral education is needed

I am thinking from long time to show my heart to the people. I am not a good writer. So i dont know how you will feel to read the article.

what do we want in the world? We are here for a short time but think how much we are happy in our life. We are earning a lot but still we are happy not and we will never be happy.

Think about your childhood. Think about your parents. How much they had earned on their life more than you? I dont think so but you and your family members were in sound in health, peach and wealth.

We are fighting for excellence but getting a big zero. Whenever we get chance we are doing crime, illegal work etc for what? For money? For power? Whom do you want to show your money or power? In the world no one are here right now to see your money or power. Everybody just wants to show but to whom?

We don't have feelings for other. We are not caring to other for our small benefit are doing a lot of illegal work?
We all have a good mind. So go home, take shower and think what we are doing for our small world?

We will have to be morally educated. Very few of us taking care of our children regarding moral development. We are just telling to be a doctor, engineer, banker etc. As a result they are being a doctor, banker etc.

They forgot to work for mankind. As a doctor am i working for mankind? Just focused on money. Every patient gets 1 minute from a doctor. When i am going to doctor he does not want to listen from me. Something like that i am not paying to him. This just an example. This is happening for most of the cases.

Help your children to be morally developed so that he/she can be stricted for true and false.

Think how many people left the world, do you remember everyone? No, only them who worked for humanity.

We all see that something is wrong somewhere. The main problem for all are man made problems like sexual abuses, bomb blasts, political problems and a lots of other forms of disorder. From the very beginning of their lives, they are taught how to earn more money, more comfort, more awards and more pleasures. The real Precious things are ignored. First of all what is education? Science, Maths, History... Computers, Languages... no, not at all. only relative knowledge."

Truth should be REALISED, just reading or hearing the Truth is not enough. So our schools should also try to give and implement morality to the student. In our schools, there are a few periods for Moral Instructions. But in practice, they are utilized for some other subjects.

People "Enjoy everything, desire nothing" When we look into the history, we can find that most of the wars were due to single man’s decisions. No one wants World war III. We all want peace, continence and happiness. ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE. This should be the fundamental moral law. Everyone's character should be built on this universal law. This is my perception that 97% people who are looking for peace.

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Comment by, Tumpa

Very Nice..I am impressed reading your article...And your English is so goods. We really all should change our mentality. We should work for humanity. We should focus on mankind.
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